In this present world tennis is a popular game. We are acquainted with tennis little or more. This is such a game that where a player hits the tennis ball with a racquet and when the tennis ball reaches the opposite player by crossing the net across the field then he pushes back the ball with the racquet. In every team, one or two players can participate in a game.

In the last 19 centuries at Birmingham of England, the convention of Tennis was started. This game is played in a rectangular court. The length of this is 78 feet and wide is 27 feet. But the nature of the tennis court can be different types. Basically, the tennis court is 4 types. Clay court, Grass court, Hardcourt, and carpet court.

Today we will know about different types of tennis courts here:

Clay Court

Thin racket
Clay court is made of soft rock, stones, and the particles of bricks. Among the grand slum, this clay-court are used only in the French Open. After the ball falling in this court, the ball gets a slow speed and bound more than other fields. As a result of the players who serve dependable, he faces many obstacles. The cost of making a clay court is very low but it is difficult to maintain this field. In Europe and Latin America, this type of tennis court is used very much.

Grass Court

Grass Court
In the grass court there has little grass on the hard soil. This court is comparatively swift. The player who serve the ball gets a little advantage. But on the shape and the snipping of grass depends many things. In the past, the grass court is used maximum but as a result of being highly expensive, this is now rare in the tennis. Among the grand slum, only the Wimbledon are playing in the grass court.

Hard Court

Hard court

Hard court is generally made by the hard cement. Sometimes above of it are given emollient of oxalate. In this type of court, the ball bounces regularly and the speed is very swift although the grass is not so much swift like the court. In the US Open and Australian Open tennis is played in the hard court.

Carpet Court

Carpet court
Carpet Court is a kind of temporary court that is made of rubber. In the indoor game, this court is used for few times. This court is very swift but the bounce is very little here. In present, this court is not used in any big tournament. In the past, this court is used in the Paris Masters, Kremlin cup, etc. Now many countries use it for temporary playing.