Hi guys, welcome to our another topic. Today we are going to discuss how to choose a tennis racket step by step. Ok, Let’s start.

Ideal and perfect equipment is very essential for every game and sports. To play cricket, the bat and ball are very important. To play football it is needed a ball, goal posts, size of the field of specific and ideal measurement. Just like that, we also need a specific measurement of the court, ball, and racquet for Tennis.

We have to face many difficult problems choosing a perfect tennis racket if we have not a specific measurement of equipment. In Tennis, there have some instruments that are very essential like other games. A tennis racquet is mandatory among them. Without the tennis ball, as it can’t imagine tennis like that without a tennis racquet, Tennis is impossible. And that’s why our today’s topic is about how to choose a tennis racket.

For hundreds of years, tennis is the most popular game like Football. With the result of research, it has prescribed the ideal size of a tennis racquet. An ideal tennis racquet only can give an ideal play to its players. In competitive tennis, there should be all things with ideal measurements.

If you do not have enough knowledge about how to choose a tennis racket?


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5 Steps To Choose A Tennis Racket

Let’s know the composition and measurement of an ideal tennis racquet. It has 5 Steps in Bellow.!!

Weight Of Tennis Racquet (1st Step)

Tennis racquet has to use by taking in hand. as a result here weight is a very important factor. According to the ability to carry with the hand of a thing, it should select a weight. We have to run across the tennis court with the tennis racquet in hand and serve the ball. That’s why the weight has got great importance here. In a general view, many of you can think that if the weight is little the racquet will be standard. But is a wrong idea.


By depending on the weight there have three types of the racquet:

Thin Racquet

Thin racket
Thin Racquet (Source: yahoo.com)
The weight is limited to this kind of racquet is from 9 to 9.4 ounce. If we express in a unit that will be from 255 to 270 grams. The benefit of this kind of racquet is you can control this by taking in hand according to your wishes. But the most difficult of this has low power ability.

Middle Weight Racquet

mid weight racket
Middle Weight Racquet (Source: active.com)
This racquet is slightly heavy than the thin racquet. The weight of this racquet is from 9.8 to 10.9 ounce or 280 to 310 grams. It is very easy to serve or stroke by this kind of racquet. Being the standard weight for playing tennis any player can keep control over it very easily. Actually, the middleweight racquet is generally called the standard tennis racquet.

Heavy Racquet

Heavy head Racquet
heavy Racquet (Source: the gegearmag.com)
11 ounce or more than 330 grams weight racquet is called the heavy racquet. If one serves or stroke by this racquet the tennis racquet will run with the most speed. But the weight of this is not suitable for every age of players.

Head And Handles (2nd Step)

A Racquet has two major parts. The round part of the above is called the head and handle are in the lower site. There are two types of the racquet. A heavy head, thin handle or heavy handle, thin head. The professional players are used both of these two types of the racquet. It is good to keep in knowing that if the head of any racquet is heavy, the handle of this will thin and if the handle is heavy, then the head will be thin.

Heavy Head

Heavy head racket
Heavy Head (Source: Amazon. com)

When the most weight of a racquet is in the head of it then it is called the heavy head racquet. By this racquet, you can hit the ball very strongly. The players who like to speedy tennis-playing they use it. Besides this, the little tennis player uses the heavy head tennis racquet, so that the height can’t fall any effect on his playing speed.

Heavy Handle

Heavy handle racket
Heavy Head (Sports Station)
When the most weight of a racquet is in the handle of it then it is called the heavy handle racquet. In this, the control of the game is to get the most priority than the stroke or serve. The players who are physically strong and long in height, most of the time they use it.

Head Size Of Racquet (3rd Step)

The round shape of the above site of the racquet is called the head of the racquet. In the center of the head has a round ball that is called the sweet spot. It depends on whether the ball is appropriate or inappropriate to give back on the speed and power of the hit. In this time in tennis technique is getting more priority with the speed. So you should keep in control of the racquet to improve on the technical site. The control ability depends on the head or handle of it. The head of the racquet is three types. Big, medium, and little.

Big Head

Big head racquet
Big Head (Source:greattennis.com)
The racquet those head are in-between the 106 to 135 square inches that are called the big head racquet. As the sweet spot of this is very wide you can serve by this at very speed. Comparatively short players are used this. Originally in a very speedy match, this racquet is used.

Medium Head

Midium head racket
Medium Head (Source: tenniswarehouse.com)
The racquet those head are in-between the 95 to 106 square inches that are called the medium head racquet. As the sweet spot of this is appropriate you can serve by this according to your wishes. Besides this, you can get all the facilities from this racquet. Maximum professional players in the world use this type of racquet.

Little Head

Small head racket
Little Head (Source: tenniswarehouse.com)
Generally, below the 95 square inches racquet are called the little head racquet. As the sweet spot of this is very little so you can’t stroke or serve with speed like the big and medium head racquet. But it is very easy to control. It is suitable for primary stage players.

Racquet Beam (4th Step)

The part that is tie by those base that is called the racquet beam. The beam of the racquet is attached to the handle. The base of the whole racquet is called the racquet beam. How much strong will be the racquet it depends on the beam of the racquet.
Racket Beam
Structure of Racquet (Source tennis.101.com)

Length of Racquet (5th Step)

There has a specification of the length of a tennis racquet. If this is little of a more than appropriate measure then it will be inappropriate for the tennis and risky for the players. The length of an ideal racquet will be 27 or 28 inches.

So guys, hope you are clear about choosing a perfect tennis racket. The above information is the most important thing for selecting an ideal tennis racquet. Please stay with us to know all about the tennis game.