Ignoring the Butterfly Compact Outdoor table tennis table is hard if you are an upcoming table tennis player. This butterfly compact outdoor table tennis table review is an eye-opener to understanding the secrets behind its value. 

The table surface will offer the proper playability if you aim at using it for recreational use only. The durable frame makes it sustainable while using it for both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Even better, the manufacturer used outstanding features to enhance your skills. In general, you can maximize the elements to improve your gaming experience.


  • Dimensions – 66 x 60 x 6 Inches
  • Item weight -90 Kg
  • Materials- Wood, Alloy steel, Plastic 
  • Warranty- 3 years 
  • Color – Blue /Green 
  • Surface thickness- 12mm 

Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

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Feature of Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Once you find your way into the market, you may want to gauge this product in some attributes before deciding. Never overlook the following variables.

1. Assembly

One of the exciting features of concerning Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table is it comes while already assembled. For that reason, you will only remove the table packing. Next, you set it on the table as you add the net and the post. 

The entire exercise will only take you two to three minutes as you reach completion. After that, you are at liberty to play your game now.

2. Equipment and Accessories

The table manifests in both blue and green colors, which is the identity of the tabletop playing surface. In addition, it has silver legs, protected by a waterproof cover to prevent rusting and enhance durability. 

Also, as a provision within the purchase of the table, you will get two reverse sponge bats and three practice balls. Moreover, you will find the best table tennis paddle, a net, and a post set. 

The manufacturer wrapped the equipment in a rubber cover to prevent table damage. The given net is easy to assemble. One only needs to clip it with heavy steel clamps to secure the place firmly. Upon purchase, the three-year warranty takes effect immediately.

3. Storage Space

Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table could be the perfect choice when considering its storage capability. You can store it anywhere thanks to its weatherproof and top-grade materials construction. 

It does not consume much space, and you can store it barely anywhere. The storage dimensions include 4 feet in length, 5 feet wide, and three inches deep. It only requires a few minutes to store. 

One can split the table into two halves. Every half has legs that can fold into the top. You will find the two wheels in the center of every half. The design allows for compact storage and maneuverability. When folded and stored together, the tables are only three inches.

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4. Sustainability

It is top quality and among the best ping pong table. More importantly, the designer used a rust-proof frame to make it suitable for outdoor operations. As such, it could be a perfect choice for use in the garage or patio. 

Besides, it has an all-weather table tennis net set, making it applicable for all types of weather. This table offers great value, playability, and convenience. 

The 12mm compreg top has 11 layers of resin-treated plywood. This top material becomes useful as it provides a consistent bounce. Again, this tabletop offers a superior performance that one can never match with melamine or aluminum constructions. 

The top has a special DuPont coating which offers protection from severe weather conditions. The top is sturdy enough, making it virtually unbreakable. The strong steel frame provides further protection against damage due to intensive gameplay. The table has attractive magenta corners to complement the green or top blue color. 

5. Portability

The table has a distinguishing feature to promote portability. For instance, the player can fold the two halves to enhance the folding design. Still, you can unfold it when you want to play your game quickly. 

By folding it, the two halves make the product remain compact. Since the legs are foldable, you can use the center wheels to push the table in your desired direction without struggle.

6. Surface Thickness

Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table has a 12mm thickness. The design makes it suitable for recreational and beginner players. This surface offers consistent bounce as you play. 

The table will be a decent choice if you want it for fun and recreational playing alone. It may not be the right choice if you are looking for a competition table since the type of thickness it has does not match the standards.

7. The Net

The product has a mid-low range table which has a decent net. Similarly, it has a rubber on the net clamp to prevent table damage when you are playing. It is a professional net to enhance your recreational playing. 

8. Versatility

Butterfly Compact Outdoor table tennis table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations. Since it has a weatherproof design, its exterior condition will not affect its quality. You can still use it in the house or the office environment to enhance your basic skills.

9. Pricing

The product is among the best table tennis table with an affordable price tag. Furthermore, it gives great value for your money. That means one does not need to empty the whole bank to have it. The cool thing is this table tennis table has a generous warranty which acts as foolproof to its quality.

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  • Quick Assembly: The product comes while fully assembled. You only need to unfold it to begin playing.
  • Durable: The product enjoys high-quality materials construction which is helpful to promote extensive use.
  • Compact storage: This table is foldable to make it occupy minimal space for convenient storage.
  • Affordable: The product has a pocket-friendly price tag.
  • Portability: There are center wheels that roll when you transfer it from one point to the next.


  • The surface thickness is not suitable for competitions.
  • The table edges warp or bulge after prolonged use.
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Conclusions of butterfly compact outdoor table tennis table

Based on the evidence presented in this butterfly compact outdoor table tennis table review, we recommend this product for recreational playing. The use of a 12 mm top surface offers the right bounces to improve your gaming experience. 

The cool thing is the product comes while fully assembled. It only takes you a few minutes to unfold and begin to play. The attached price tag gives you an excellent value for every dollar spent. 

This portable product allows you to move and use it in different outdoor environments. The time is now ripe for you to consider this product and enhance your skills in your own right.

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Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table