Tennis is one of the most popular games in this modern age whole over the world. This has face value as Lawn tennis in many countries of the world. The man who participates in this sport is known as the tennis player to all. To play tennis there needs a wired rod that is called a racket, a ball, and a net. Wimbledon championship, Australian Open, French Open and US open – are the top four competition tournaments for the tennis which held every year at a fixed or same time. All this competition is known as the grand slum competition. If you are a beginner you must know about the basic rules of tennis. Rafael Nadal, Pete Sampras, Evans lands, Roger Federer, Boris Becker, Novak Djokovic, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, Maria Sharapova, Martina Hingis, and many other famous players are known as a famous tennis player with their own quality.

Generally, Tennis Are Played In Two Different Ways:

  • Single (one vs. one).
  • Dual (Two vs. two).

Besides this, there has a dual male and female game that is called the mixed dual.

The place where the tennis game held is called the tennis court.

Tennis Are Played In Different Types Of Court:

Grass Court (Grass roofed court).

Grass Court

Clay Court (shaving court of red soil).

Clay court

Hardcourt (Hardcourt of crack and particles of bricks).

Hard court
Carpet Court (Temporary carpet court).
Thin racket
The length of a tennis court is 78 feet and wide 39 feet. The court is rectangular in shape and this rectangular court is divided into two equal parts with hanging a net in the middle position of the court the height of this court is 3 feet.

Rules To Play Tennis: (Rules and Guidelines)

  • In tennis, two or more players of two opposing teams are taking place just face to face but opposite of each other. This is the first basic rules of tennis. The player of one site passes the ball first to the opposite player on the opposite side of the court. This is called the serve. The man who serves the ball is called the server and the man who receives from other sites of the court is called the receiver.
  • The server should serve the ball from the outside of the baseline of the court. But the receiver can take place at any place of the court. The service ball should pass to the other side of the player without touching the net. If there is any wrong in service the server will get a new chance to serve again. When the second service also is a fault then this is called the double fault and the receiver get point for this fault. This is the second basic rules of tennis.
  • If the service is right the main part of the play is started then. Where each player gives back the ball with the racquet to the opposite player or team’s court. This is called the rally. Assiduously, they given and taken the ball and try to bit the opposite player and expect that the opposite player as it would be can’t give back the ball in the right way.
  • If the opposite player fails to give back the ball in the right way then the player gets a point. To pass the ball in the right way the ball should pass with one hit by the racquet to the opposite player’s court and that should be done before the ball bounce two times in player’s own court. Otherwise, the player will consider as wrong and the player will be a bit to the opposite player.
  • The win or loss of tennis is considered by depending on the win of the game. In tennis, the point getting system or process is “0”, “15”, “30” “40”. Assiduously when the player gets above or after the 40 points before the opposite player then he wins the game.
  • If the two players both get 40 points in a set then among them a player has to get two points at a stretch to win the game. In this way, if any player can win 6 games by keeping the gap of at least two games from the opposite player then he will be able to win a set.
  • If they are a win in an equal number of the game then the winner will be selected by the tiebreaker of the set. In this way, the most set winner is considered the winner of the event. There can be 5 or 3 set in a tennis event.

Tennis Balls

Tennis Balls
As a result of warmth, wool is gathered and from this, a hollow covered rubber is created, the tennis ball is made of this. In the past tradition of tennis, the color of tennis was white which turn into a yellow color in the 20th century because of sight-related reasons.

The Trophy and Country Which Are Related with Sports

Liquor holding suitable and shape in Wimbledon championship are given loving cup in male singles and silver made big silver plate are given in female singles to the female singles champions. Among them, the shape of a loving cup is a difference. In this, there have two handles in two sites that are made of silver. From 1974 FIFA world cup trophy is given to the FIFA world cup winner team. Formerly, Jules remit trophy was given to the winner of this trophy. After the introduces of the FIFA world cup till 1949 this trophy was known as the victory. Both trophies are familiar as the world cup trophy to the peoples. In 1970 Brazil won the world cup three times and in this time, they collect the Jules met trophy forever. The most attraction of the Rugby game of Rugby league knocks out base competition is given the challenge cup. Worldwide has different countries widespread among them some countries specially developing countries and in university teams there participate amateur players. On the other site to decide the world champion of the Rugby unit are given the web Alice cup. Besides this New Zealand vs. Australia and England vs. Scotland annual arranged competition’s winner get the Bledisloe cup and Calcutta cup are given respectably.