Today we are going to discuss one of the best tennis racquets in recent times. Ya, I am telling you about the Wilson us open junior tennis racquet. For your young someone, you should choose at first this number one junior tennis racquet because you can’t get at least one racquet that is so well categorized as like as Wilson. Tennis is almost popular in the summer and especially in the summer holidays, many of the children like to choose to play tennis. By keeping to the head it that in the summer have needed the special types of racquet this tennis racquet is made for the young.

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Wilson Us Open Junior Tennis Racquet Review:

You know it well that the young boys and girls are generally unconscious to keep better their equipment. They also want comfortable something. So, you need to purchase a racquet from a top quality company to survive it for a long time and to get the happy useable and to get better performance.

When you choose it for your five-year-old whose preference change again and again. In this case, you should take the help of Wilson us open junior tennis racquet that will give your young boys or girls happy playing, comfort to him and will help fulfill to get better performance.

This will be stable for a long time and cope with the preference of all the junior players. According to their demand and wellness, you can spark interest even the youngest that is not interested in tennis to buy Wilson.

Wilson is known to all for making the top of the line tennis equipment especially racquet and their balls are the official’s balls off the US opens. So, you can keep unworried yourself to purchase confidently one of their racquets for your little someone.

The racquet is wonderful especially for younger hands because this is made of aluminum which’s why it is stronger than others and lightweight so perhaps even three years old could have well enjoyed it without getting fatigued so much. As this racquet is made by the Wilson you can be sure that this is one of the highest quality child suitable racquets. This is very stronger and lightweight made of stable aluminum and suitably sized for the small hands of your little someone.

These 19 inches racquet you will find very easily on the market and that is where sweeps the competition of its feet. This has also a heavy swing quality. So, we can say that is a very advanced and advantageous racquet than others.

Wilson we open junior tennis racquet is well designed for five years old and but it is also perfect for even the youngers. As this is affordable so this is a great purchase for you. If your 3 years old child changes their mind to changes the racquet, in this case, this racquet will be the preferable one that will adjust to the mind of your child.

I will recommend that this racquet from Wilson will be a great option for your 5 years old kids and younger who have who loves tennis. This racquet will be the best choice for beginners in tennis.

Features Of Wilson Us Open Junior Tennis Racquet:

  • Head size: This awesome racquet has a 95 square inches head that will help you to hit with the sweet spot with the constancy.
  • Length: It has an ideal length of 23 inches.
  • Strung weight: The strung weight of this racquet is 200 grams or 7.1 oz.
  • String pattern: The string pattern of racquet is the major fact. wilson us open junior tennis racquet has 16×19.
  • Composition: The composition of it is Graphite.


  • Easy swing.
  • Great quality.
  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • 5 inches grip size.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Size guidelines for different ages.
  • Made specifically for kids.


  • No cover included with your purchase.
  • Color Limitation

Why Should You Buy This Racket?

Wilson is the 19 inches ideal junior racquet for your junior or little someone. This is made of stable lightweight aluminum that is perfectly useable for your little players. From the starting time you know well that it is a high-quality item and it is designed specifically for the ages of under 10 years old.

The racquet has comes strung so that this is ready to use right out of the box and doesn’t get with a cover. So you need an additional cost if that is something you will need. At the starting time of play or to use to feel out the game of tennis of your little child this can be the best starter. This is very affordable. You can get this available in well and bright colors that will enjoy your kids. Your youngest player will be able easily to use the racquet comfortably because this is made with a grip size of three and a half inches.

This has also an easy swing ability. Wilson has made also the best type of balls to use with this racquet and the balls are very soft making. But you should remember it well that this is one of the top-rated racquets in the category for under-19 tennis. Wilson is the partner of the USTA and the maker of official balls of the US opens the quality of the racquet also the top. So, you should enjoy this top-class racquet.

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Conclusions Of Wilson Us Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Wilson us open junior tennis racquet including 19 inches measurement this is an ideal choice for your little kids. Wilson has made this specifically for 5 years old but it also ensures that this is comfortable enough to use even for smaller kids perhaps 3 years old. This is stable, lightweight, and easy to use. Though its price is a little high it is gradually decreasing now and being affordable. Kids generally change their minds very often. So, it will be better if the purchasing items are affordable to the parents. Wilson is as like as this type of affordable tennis racquet. You will take the right decision if you buy this high-quality item for your kids because the price can’t be beaten so even if your children change their minds there is no problem. After all, you would not misbehave of your money if you buy this awesome tennis racquet. At last, I can assure you that this is too lightweight, durable, and strong.

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