Wilson brings a new look to a legendary tennis racket. This legendary tennis racket is known as Pro Staff RF97 Autograph among the tennis players. This racket is specially modified for a legendary tennis player Roger Federer. Roger Federer helped Wilson to design this racket. It also has the same velvety texture and matte finish as the previous generation. The racket has a feature of a white and black tuxedo cosmetic, in addition to Federer’s engraved signature of a laser. Boasting the same features and playability as the previous version of it, this updated version is distinguished by its elegant simplicity and boldness. To provide a proper concept about this great racket, we have brought this article about Wilson pro staff rf97 autograph review.

The racket is one of the best tennis rackets. The RF97 Autograph of 2018 deploys the timeless Pro Staff formula of Wilson and also includes headlight balance, a braided graphite layup, Perimeter Weighting System, and a thin beam. This racket is one of the most demandable rackets among the most tennis player. You guys may be amazed to know the popularity of this racket. We will discuss all the facts related to this racket to provide you guys with proper information.

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Review: The Best Choice for Tennis Player

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

Wilson is a famous name among the tennis player. Wilson has tried always to bring something new and great equipment for the players. Wilson pro staff rf97 autograph review will also provide you the same contribution of Wilson. The racket is tossed in a thin leather grip to bring the result of a truly classical feel. The racket has 12.6 ounces strung but, Federer’s Pro Staff is loaded with stability and plow-through which will allow you to redirect a heavy pace with impressive ease. This modern Wilson racket for tennis has a more beam which is angular, slightly wider unlike the iconic 6.0 85, to give the racket a powerful shot than most other traditional player’s rackets.

Federer and Wilson have created together classic and modern tennis racket with that update to the Wilson pro racket for the tennis players. With some genuine put-away power for the attacking tennis players, it is also capable to deliver a high level of precision on full cuts. Experienced tennis players always look for a great tennis weapon for a surgical shot with a great feel so, this weapon should be given to those tennis players. Thanks to the racket’s headlight balance, the players will feel surprisingly fast after having RF97 in hand for its 12 plus ounces. This feature will give the topspin players the kind of explosive acceleration and whippy that makes for a big spin.

Features of Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph:

Now, it is time to know the features of this amazing racket which you will get. Here, they are-
  • Head size: The head size of the Wilson pro racket is 97 in² / 625.81 cm².
  • Length: The racket has a length of 27in / 68.58cm.
  • Strung weight: 6oz / 357.2g is the strung weight of the racket.
  • Balance: The balance of the stick is 12.38 in / 31.45 cm / 9 pts HL.
  • Swing weight: The swing weight of the Wilson pro racket is 335 gms.
  • Stiffness: The stiffness of this weapon is 68.
  • Beam-width: Beam-width of the tennis stick is 21.5 mm / 21.5 mm / 21.5 mm.
  • Composition: The composition of the racket is graphite braided with aramid.


    • Stroke-style: Full stroke-style racket.
    • Swinging speed: Fast swinging speed.
    • Color: The available color of the racket is black-white.
    • Grip type: Grip type of the racket is Wilson Premium Leather.
    • String tension: String tension of Wilson pro is 50-60 pounds.


    • Color limitation: Color is limited to the racket.
    • Power level: The racket has a low power level.
    • Heavy weight: The racket is a little bit of weight.

    Buying Guides of Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph:

    Now, we are going to share some buying guides with you guys. Before choosing and buying this tennis racket, you should know these tips. We are sure that these tips will help you guys. Here, are the facts that you must need to be considered when buying this tennis racket.

    Head Size of a Tennis Stick

    Tennis rackets usually come in the head size ranges given below-
    • 80-94sq. in: These are smaller racket heads come with small sweet spot and they are built for the tennis players of advanced level. These rackets are known also as the mid-size head.
    • 95-105sq. in: These are mid-plus sized rackets which are just perfect for the all levels of tennis players like- beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes.
    • 110-115sq. in: The tennis rackets which are over-sized especially designed for the beginner players who have just started playing tennis. These rackets have with more accuracy a large sweet spot.
    • 116-135sq. in: Super oversized head sized tennis rackets with an extra-large sweet spot. These tennis rackets tend to be heavier because of they have large heads.

    Grip Sizes of the Tennis Rackets

    Most of the rackets for tennis have a standard grip size but here we are giving some grip sizes which you should know before buying a tennis racket-

    • 4 1/8 = 1
    • 4 ¼ = 2
    • 4 3/8 = 3
    • 4 ½ = 4
    • 4 5/8 = 5

    These 5 sizes are the available grip size for tennis rackets. Grip sizes no.1, 2, and 3 are usually best suited for juniors and women. For men, grip size no. 4 and 5 are the best choices.

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    Our Verdict

    In our article about Wilson pro staff rf97 autograph review, we discussed everything related to the racket in detail. I Hope, you love our article and get all that you need to know this tennis racket. To know more, stay with us and keep mailing us or comment in the comment section. Remember, a tennis racket plays a vital role in the game but a player also has to be skillful. All the best.

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