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Hi There, Welcome to another best tennis racket review. Today we will discuss the most demandable tennis racquet in the world. This is the Wilson Federer tennis racket. By the inspiration of the great Roger Federer, it has made for the beginner and the intermediate level players. This awesome racquet will provide you a perfect balance of control and power.

It has a large hitting surface that is very comfortable and durable. This will help you to make a clean and powerful contact anyhow. The beginners and immediate players will achieve easy depth to contact from the baseline.

You will get a heavy speed in every rally if you want to do that. After all, you will feel confident in every moment. This has outstanding flexibility that will help you to short pass and has a strong power that will help you to put the ball away. The beginners and immediate players.

Wilson Fererar Racket

Wilson Federer Tennis Racket Review: For Beginners And Immediate Players

The name of this tennis racket is designated by the name of Roger Federer. So, this racquet can’t be a weak one because this racquet is associated with the name of one of the greatest tennis players in the world.

There was a question of the reputation of Federer. The fans of Federer must choose this great tennis racquet. A player who is a beginner also is able to hit an excellent volley and serve. He also is able to play a long time with this back of Wilson.

Anybody will easily like the design quality of this racquet because this has an amazing color combination and this is durably built. This is an amazing invention Wilson and Wilson Racket make always outstanding products because they are the official brand for the US open so can keep sure that you taking a high-quality product. So you can easily trust it and if can spend money to buy this racquet without any fair.

A good making and developed racquet only can build a player’s career. So, you use this best-organized racquet to improve your techniques and skills. When you use this for a long time you can observe automatically your improvement and aggressive performance.

Wilson Federer tennis racket is more effective for the beginner but it is also very much useful for intermediate players. The weight of this tennis racquet is very light and that is perfect for a beginner. This is made of good quality and valuable materials. Being lightweight will give an extraordinary balance. Wilson Federer tennis racket uses the high performed players also.

But it can be said that this is the best tennis racquet to make a player better and professional from the root level player. This is a great racquet for rally purposes because this has awesome flexibility and power that makes a player playing comfortable and helps to improve his skill. So, it can be said that Wilson Federer’s tennis racket is the best tennis racquet to learn tennis and is more efficient for beginner and immediate players.

Features of Wilson Federer Tennis Racket:

  • Head size: This tennis racquet has a head size of 110 square inches with 3 points head light strung balance. This has longer main strings for this you will feel that the power of the racquet is increasing suddenly and extremely. It has amazing moisture wicking on the grip area of the racquet that understood it will stay firmly in the player’s hands even if you have a problem of sweating into your hand’s palm.
  • The grip: The Grip Size of the racket is 4 3/8″. The grip of this tennis racquet is also spongy which allows for better airflow and lends the moisture wicking ability of the grip to keep your palms dry and cool. The strung of it is merely 10.4 ounces. The racquet is lightweight with a combination of the grip.
  • Technology: The Wilson Federer tennis racket is made of Arc technology which ensures that it offers great stability and balance that means this will give you the best control when you play.
  • Length: The racket has a length of 27.25 in
  • Strung weight: The strung weight of the racket is 11.5 oz.
  • String Pattern: The String Pattern of the racket is 16 x 19.

You will like the spongy grip for comfort which also improves your grip on the racquet so it is sure that this will not slip from your hand during the play. This has stop socks pads which reduce the vibration of the racquet when you play and a ball hit on it. As a result, you will get greater control and a more comfortable game ending.

This is also made with power strings which improve the power of your strikes when sending the ball to your opponent. This will help to get it more professionally and you can play with the fun and enjoy it.


  • Durable build.
  • Soft & Great grip.
  • So much Comfortable.
  • Moisture-wicking technology keeps the hands cool and dry.
  • Ideal for both beginners and intermediates.
  • Good overall balance.
  • Shock pad for shock absorption.
  • Good head size.
  • The available color of the racket is white-Red & white-Black.
  • Best for beginner and intermediate level players


  • Not a great option for heavy ground playing.
  • Color Limitation.
  • No Cover.
  • Not for the pro level players.

Why Should You Buy This Racket?

This is made as a standard racquet of professionals. This is made by Arc technology that’s why more stability and control than other typical racquets. The spongy grip of it with moisture-wicking quality will keep your hands cool and dry if even you play a most intense and fast-paced game. The power string of this racquet can give you the additional power. This will vibrate when you pass a ball to your opponent and when you receive the ball it will keep the ball under the control very easily. So, this is the best theme for a beginner and intermediate player. If you are a beginner please buy this tennis racquet for your betterment.


If you are a beginner or intermediate player in tennis this tennis racquet can be the ideal choice for you. A beginner seeks a basic racquet but Wilson ensured that this tennis racquet would offer a cut above the rest. In this, there has included much high-quality design to ensure and understood that this is slightly far from the performance of professionals racquet. A beginner who is using this racquet he is acquiring a greater experience and will do better than other inferior quality tennis racquet users.

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