The field of tennis is not too big. As like that the gallery is not also big. When we see tennis on television then we can’t see too many spectators in the gallery. So, it can say normally that there have not too many interests of the spectators towards these games. But among this small number of spectators there can see many of the famous stars in the gallery of tennis. Now you can definitely understand that the respect and honor of tennis how much. Appellation, Glory, Reputation, honor, and money all have in this game like other sports. So Friends, Today we will discuss all the History of the #1 best tennis Game.

How Did It Start:

Old Tennis

According to the maximum subhuman historians, The History of Tennis Game began in French. Once upon a time of the 12th century the circulation of this game was started. Though the invention of it was in France it grown up into England. That is to say, the tennis of the 12th century of French gains popularity by coming into England in 16 century. By the formation of the Limington spa club in 1882 tennis started its formal trip. But at the beginning of its, it was a game of high societies, English language speakers.

At first, the formal trip of tennis was started in 1887. The embolden championship competition was arranged in all the England clubs of Birmingham Wimbledon of England. Assiduously many years passed. After that in 1924 invented the international tennis federation. After that, the tennis started its trip internationally. Another matter is here this game is familiar as the Lawn tennis among the different types of tennis.

Types of Tennis:

Tennis has also two opposite behalf to confronting each other like the other 10 games. But there has a slight discord. For example, singles and doubles.

Single means one player from every two teams will confront each other’s and in doubles, there will have two players in each of two players.

Now Let’s Come To The Tennis Court

There also has a difference in the tennis court like the sort of tennis. From the history of tennis games there are five types of tennis courts but generally, in three types of court professional tennis are played. Among this court, the difference is merely below part of the foot. In other words, the part above which tennis court is made that is whereof, on the base of that. For example:

  • Clay court or soil court: There has two types of soil court, Green and Red. French Open is played in red soil court. The pace of the ball is comparatively few in clay court. Here spin the ball comparatively more than other courts.
Thin racket
  • Hard Court: This type of court are generally made of concrete, oxalate, and asphalt. Australian and US Open are played in this type of court. In this court, the bounce of the ball is more and the ball runs with heavy speed.
Thin racket
  • Grass Court: Wimbledon is played on this court. In this type of court, there generate always a monotonous bounce and the tennis balls come comparatively more speed.
Thin racket
  • Carpet Court: Carpet court is a place by fixed an artificial surface to play. This type of court was very popular once upon a time. This type of court does not use now in professional tennis.
Thin racket
  • Wooden Court: From 1880 till the first part of the 20th century it was very popular to play on the wooden surface. Gradually this type of court is nearly evaporated now.
Wooden Court

The Size Of The Court

Tennis court size
On the basis of the sort of match, the sort of court is determined. For example: In a single match, the volume of the court is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide. Again, in doubles match the volume in length remains the same but the wide increase into 36 feet. The net is in the middle of the court This is 3 feet and 6 inches in height in both events. Besides this beside the, two sides of the net have two and two total four service courts among the court. The length from the net is 21 feet them. In the length of the court, there have two trump lines on every two sides.

Court Rules Of War

Tennis Court Rules
Two behalfs takes place beside the two sides of the net with the tennis racquet in hand. At first, one behalf has to serve the ball. The player will serve the ball from the outside of the baseline of the court. The player who served the ball is called the server. Though the server has to serve the ball from the outside of the baseline the player from the other side of the court will confront the ball can do it from any place of his own court. The behalf that confronts the serving ball is called the receiver. The ball of service has to pass to the opposite sites service court without touching the net that is in the middle of the court. At the time of the first service if there is any mistake the server gets another chance to serve the ball again.

But at the time of second-time service if there is any mistake it is considered as the “double fault” and the receiver will get the point then. If the service is done properly then the game start from here. In this way carried on the war of giving back the ball to the opposite behalf court. If any behalf fails to give back the ball then other behalf get the point. But one thing has to notice here when the ball will give back then only one time you can hit the ball and it should be done before the ball touches the second time on the floor.

How The Point And Scoring Are Determined

Tennis points
After the service from the server, if the receiver can’t give back. in this case, the server will get 1 point. Again, if the server does mistake at the time of service two times altogether then the receiver will get 1 point. In tennis, there is not count the point as 1, 2, 3. The First 3 points are count as 15, 30, 40. At the time of 4th point, there is considered the game. Here 1 leading point is decided as to the advanced and if the point is equal then this is called duce. To win a game there have to give a lead of two points. Otherwise, the game should be carried on until the 2 leading points.

Assiduously, a set is consisting of 6 games and the match ends by the 3 or 5 sets. Generally, the female match is consists of 3 sets and the male match is consists of 5 sets. When the set difference is 2 then one player is considered as the winner. To win a game a player should get two points altogether. If any player is able to win the 6 games by keeping the differences at least 2 points against the other behalf then he can able to win a set. Assiduously, the most set winner is considered as the winner of the match.

If there has any equality in any set of 6-6 point then it ends by the tiebreaker. These two players are played for 12 points. In each service has 1 point. The player who can win 7 points before the other behalf will be a win. But if the game is carried on to the last set then the match is not ended by the tiebreaker point. Then the victory will be decided by keeping the difference between two games.

Grand Slam In Tennis

Grand Slam In Tennis
At the end of the name of the tennis players can be heard,” Grand slam winner”. Grand slam is the aggregation of 4 tournaments of tennis. The player who won the championships of these four tournaments is called the “Grand slam‘ winner. Among these four tournaments, there has Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open.

Australian Open

Australian open tennis

Every year in January month this tournament is held. It is understood that this is the first grand slam of the year. In 1905 at first, this tournament was started. In the first from 1905 to 1987, this tournament was held on the grass court. After then from 1988 to now this tournament is held in hardcourt on the contrary of the grass court. At first, this tournament was held in different cities. For example – Five Australian cities and two cities of New Zealand games are played.

After that from 1972 every year, one match is played in one city. From the start, till now the name of this tournament has changed several times. At first, this name was ‘Australian championship’. Later, in 1969 it was named ‘Australian open’. In this tournament in single, mixed dual, junior, legend, wheelchair section male and female players have participated. In this tournament in a single female section’s winner provide “Daphne Akhurst memorial trophy” and to the male single section’s winner provides ” Norman burukob challenge cup trophy’. From 2010 with both trophies has attached 22 lacks dollars prize money.

French Open

French Open tennis trophy
From May – June month of every year has held this tournament. That is the only one grand slam tournament is held in clay court. In 1891 in French, this tournament was started. But in the first in this tournament participated only the male players. After that in 1897 female sections were also started. At first, it was familiar officially as the name of French international of de Rolla Garrow. Which shorten name was the Rolla Garrow tournament. But the native people of French call this tournament as the Rolla Garrow. Till now this tournament is familiar as this name but in the whole world this is known as the ” French Open”. New prize-giving was started in 1981.

For the best sportsmanship is given the pix, strongest corrector and for the personality is given the pix citron. In the revolution of the year, the category is given the pix burgeon. In 2007 for the first time, there has an announcement to give equal prize money to the male and female. In both male and female singles champions of French open get 11 lacks and 20 thousand euro. The runner’s ups of this tournament get 5 lacks 60 thousand euros.


Wimbledon tennis trophy
In the 3rd week of June of every year, this utmost ancient tournament is started. This is a fixed time for every year. The utmost elite and popular tournament are this tournaments of tennis. This proceeds from the site of money also. The traditional site has also there. In 1877 in Wimbledon of London at all England clubs started this tournament first time. Only the games of Wimbledon are played in the grass court. In 1877 started, this tournament was only male singles sections at first. Afterward, in 1884 the female single prevailed and dual competition of male.

From 1913 dual of female and fixed dual competition are included. Before 1922 the player who considered as the champion in the previous tournament would select directly for the next tournament. Though before and till 1968 in this tournament reign by the amateur player after that started the reign of professional players. From the 1937 to almost 70 years the TV ownership of this tournament holds it owns ‘BBC”. At the present time as the prize money of the winner of Wimbledon is giving one crore and 46 lacks pounds. Each male and female singles get 11 lacks prize money.

US Open

Us Open Tennis Trophy
In August – September of each year this tournament is held at the fourth grand slam competition. This tournament was started as the recreation issue of the elite categories persons of America in 1881. Then it was familiar as the US open championships and only the players of America could participate in this tournament. Later the changed as the US Open. From 1968 it becomes a professional tournament.

From that time the main US open started its trip and in 1978 attached hard court. Like the other grand slam, there has also male and female singles. Male and female dual and mixed dual. Besides this, senior, junior, and wheelchair-using Autistic have also separate competition. Like Wimbledon in the US open, there has also rules at first – The player who was champion in the previous year’s tournament he can play directly into the final of the next year. Till 1911 these rules were enrooted in the US Open.