Joola Inside is increasingly becoming popular among beginner and recreational table tennis players. It is the perfect equipment to play at the home, office, or any other recreational center. In this Joola Inside table tennis table review, we unveil some of the secrets behind its construction.

This product is safe and portable. For instance, it has lockable wheels and casters to make it roll easily. The procedure of assembling is a breeze. The easy steps will not consume you 15 minutes when outside the box. 

Typically, it is a high-quality table tennis table with exceptional playability. We intend to familiarize you with some of this product’s elements that make it a top choice. Please read on.


  • Table surface thickness – 15mm (5/8 inches) tabletop
  • Weight- 137 pounds 
  • Assembly time- 10 to 20 minutes 
  • Quality- USATT Approved 
  • Table dimensions- 108 x 60 x 30 Inches
  • Materials: Wood and steel alloy
  • Conner protector included
  • One year warranty
Table Spec

Here’s The Joola Inside Table Tennis Table Review

Joola Inside Table Tennis Table has outstanding features to enhance user experience. Before you buy it, you can evaluate it on the following accounts:


One notable attribute about this table is it comes from the market while preassembled. This Joola Inside table requires only two things to assemble. They are caster leg assembly plus the net. When you are installing the caster, you will need a socket wrench for tightening them. 

The process of installation should take you less than twenty minutes. Begin by sliding the T-brackets, then tighten the bolts as you attach the casters. You will have to fasten the legs using eight bolts and then clamp on the net. The package includes the best table tennis paddle, a net, and a post set. Also, this has an adjustable net tension system. 

The net is easy to assemble. The process of mounting the net and leveling should not take more than five minutes. You may also need to tighten the bolts as they get loosened while in transit.

Table Surface Thickness

The product features a 155 mm playing surface thickness, making it among the best ping pong tables. Generally, this table is ideal for recreational or beginner players. Also, Joola features two thicker sizes. They include as indicated below:

  • Joola ¾ inch thickness.
  • Joola inside 1 inch- ITTF Approved. 

As a rule of thumb, when the surface is thicker, you will experience a better bounce. 


It is a beautifully designed table that can blend well with the surrounding area. For instance, it comes with a lovely deep blue tabletop backed by thick legs and a black iron apron, making it sturdy and stable. 

This indoor table features two halves which the player can join in the middle easily. The table sits on sturdy caster legs strongly. The legs have a black powder coating to promote the durability aspect. There are built-in stabilizers to make it safe and secure even after prolonged usage. 

More importantly, this structure has adjustable legs to make the tabletop level regardless of the resting surface. Suppose the two halves fail to match in any unlikely event; you can use the clamp to control the misalignment.  

This 137-pound table looks a bit heavy when matched with similar models. Every half features four lockable caster wheels. It makes the table remain stable and safe when you are moving it or playing on it. 

The one-and-a-half-meter thick table legs offer a sturdy and well-made feel. These legs feature rubber ends to protect the floor against any possible scratches.

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Independent Table Halves

You can split the table into distinct halves to restore many benefits. Firstly, it allows the player to secure it on the playback position to promote self-practice. Also, when you split it into two halves, it becomes portable. 

When you fold down the two halves, it reduces storage dimensions. As you fold it, the locking safety latch system will keep the table in place. The design will prevent it from unintended unfolding. 

These two halves have a strong undercarriage which you can fold away when not in use. The designer cured this tabletop ultra-violet light to create a durable and smooth playing surface.

Steel-Tube Aprons

The product features 1.5-inch steel tube aprons for supporting the tournament tabletop. You can only get a good experience when you have a consistent bounce across the whole surface. More importantly, these aprons offer extra support to ensure the tabletop remains flat for a better lifelong experience.

Locking Casters

The product has two-inch locking caster wheels that glide for improved mobility. The entire product has eight wheels if you are moving the table wholly. Once you fold the table, it promotes compact storage.

Joola Inside Table


  • Quick Assembly: The table comes from the market while almost pre-made. Precisely, the process will only take at least fifteen minutes of mounting before you begin to use it.
  • Sturdy Steel Undercarriage: The product has 1.5-inch diameter legs for increased support and stability. Still, the powder-coated chassis makes it rust-free.
  • Splits Into two: You can separate the table into two halves where each half is a stand-alone. Splitting allows you to design a playback position for self-practice or easy storage.
  • Corner Protectors: The frame of this table includes corner protectors to make it safe against any knocks.
  • Safe: It has a dual safety locking mechanism to promote safety as you fold it up.
  • Lightweight: This best table tennis table weighs 137 pounds which is light and portable.
  • Height Adjusters: The product has leg levelers to promote an even playing surface.
  • Wheels for Mobility: Every half features four wheels to make it portable. Furthermore, they can lock into a place for stability during the play.


  • Indoor table only: One cannot use it outdoors in bright sunlight. You should also void areas of high heat and humidity.
  • Not the best surface: the 5/8 inch tabletop could be the standard model. However, you can get a better bounce if you use a ¾ inch table.
  • The posts and Net are not great.

Is Joola Inside Table Tennis Table Worth It?

Well, this product is worth your cent due to the excellent features that it has for you. For instance, the product has a reasonable price which offers value for your money. The used materials will provide a lifelong experience. 

The design makes it foldable for easy storage. Such an attribute makes it ideal for mobility if your schedule allows it. It also comes in convenient weight, which enhances the portability aspect.

Joola Inside Table

In Summary

Joola Inside table tennis table has enough surface to promote recreational players. The users get a significant bounce from the 15mm composite table to offer a fun playing experience. 

Still not convinced? As captured above in this Joola Inside table tennis table review, the designer built it to last. The legs enjoy a powdered coating to prevent rusting. If you want to spend some time playing alone, you can switch to playback mode. 

Besides, this device is safe to use as it has four locking casters to promote stability. The process of mounting is easy even for any novice around. The blue top makes it attractive and can blend well with the surrounding area. Make a bold move and get one to enhance your skills. 

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Joola Inside Table Tennis Table Review
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