Today we are going to discuss the most famous tennis racquet in the world. I want to say about the best tennis racquets head graphene 360 extreme mp. Every year some new features are including in the tennis racquets and the design is making well of it. Then the price of it is increasing a little more every year. But this can be a piece of bad news for the intermediate and beginner players. The beginner players do not join professionally in tennis and they do not know how far they can go.

So, they do not want to spend too many dollars on a tennis racquet. But it is sure that they do not want a normal tennis racquet. So, they fall into a problem to buy a tennis racquet. All the intermediate and beginner players can buy a head graphene 360 extreme mp tennis racquet because this is so much affordable and suitable tennis racquet for them.

head graphene 360 extreme mp

Head Graphene 360 Extreme mp: A Perfect Tennis Racket For Intermediate And Beginner Players.

head graphene 360 such a tennis racquet that is stronger 2.5 times and 29% more powerful than titanium.

This is the Extreme line of the racquet from the head. This racquet has extraordinary strength and that is too much than a normal racquet.

Head graphene 360 can generate its own power and dampens by its. This tennis racquet can vibrate instantly. You know that every invention has some limitations and disadvantages but there have no disadvantages to it.

In this, there has so little limitation and that is this is designed for people with short and compact stokers.

However, it is proved that the head graphene is perfect for any intermediate and beginner player who is finding a comfortable and powerful tennis racquet. This has a popular model, control, promising power, and comfort altogether.

This comes with advanced technology that gives maximum energy return on every shot and has a large sweet spot with accuracy. This gives the power for the players and always has control of the tennis racquet it ensures that you are hitting right in the sweet spot all the time. It will lessen vibration and will provide power on your wrist that will help you to play for a long time. With a short and moderate swing, the head graphene 360 extreme tennis racquet is geared more toward the beginning and intermediate players who are trying to do better.

An older player who is suffering from a long time or serious body problems can get too much benefit from this racquet. Everybody knows it well that elbow and wrist is the major factor of playing tennis a lot that’s why in any moment a lot of vibration can cause huge stress to the elbow, shoulder, and arms. And this stress can fall pressure on you when you will realize that how many times you hit the ball within the game. But your mind knows that when there has added all of this technology creating the ultimate racquet with a balance of power, comfort, and control. When you believe that your racquet is the best supporter of you then all the stress of you is feeling pity.

Features of Head Graphene 360: A Comfortable And Powerful Tennis Racquet

  • Head size: The head size of the head graphene 360 tennis racquet is 112 sq inches and that is so big than the other a normal racquet. If the head size of a racquet is large it means the sweet spot is also larger than a normal racquet and that is perfect for a beginner.
  • Weight and balance: The weight of this racquet is 9.3 ounces that can be taken in the lightweight racquet category. It is not too heavy and too lightweight. This has a perfect balance weight that is too much helpful for a beginner. With 4 points head heavy it allows players to retain weight in the hitting zone and help to hit the ball with supreme power.
  • Damping: This racquet has ‘no shox’ damping system that claimed 27% less vibration and more power. It will create well support for your Wrists and many well-known players appreciate it.


  • Easier on the arms, better for the game.
  • Total sweet spot constructions extends the area of the sweet spot, helping to increase confidence for your shots.
  • No Shock system in the handle, integrated string dampener on the grommets and Hydro Shop ventilated grip puts less strain on the wrists, arms and shoulders for control and comfort.
  • Recommended for beginning, casual and recreational players with short compact swing style.
  • Already pre-strung so you can play with it right when you receive it.


  • Color limitation
  • This Racket is for beginner and intermediate level players but not for the pro level players.

Buying Guides of Head Graphene 360 Extreme Mp

Now, we are going to share some helpful tips. It Helps you before choosing and buying this tennis racket. Here, are the important facts that you must need to know when buying this tennis type of racket.
head graphene 360 racket

Head Size of a Tennis Stick

Tennis rackets usually come in the head size ranges given below-


  • 80-94sq. in: These are smaller racket heads come with small sweet spot and they are built for the tennis players of advanced level. These rackets are known also as the mid-size head.
  • 95-105sq. in: These are mid-plus sized rackets that are just perfect for all levels of tennis players like- beginners, intermediates and advanced athletes.
  • 110-115sq. in: The tennis rackets which are over-sized especially designed for the beginner players who have just started playing tennis. These rackets have with more accuracy a large sweet spot.
  • 116-135sq. in: Super oversized head-sized tennis rackets with an extra-large sweet spot. These tennis rackets tend to be heavier because of they have large heads.

Grip Sizes of the Tennis Rackets

Most of the rackets for tennis have a standard grip size but here we are giving some grip sizes which you should know before buying a tennis racket-

  • 4 1/8 = 1
  • 4 ¼ = 2
  • 4 3/8 = 3
  • 4 ½ = 4
  • 4 5/8 = 5

These 5 sizes are the available grip size for tennis rackets. Grip sizes no.1, 2, and 3 are usually best suited for juniors and women. For men, grip size no. 4 and 5 are the best choices.


The head graphene 360 extreme mp tennis racquet is an extraordinary collection for getting an economical and outstanding performance. This racquet is lightweight but not too light it means this is a perfect and balanced tennis racquet that is very easy to control and comfortable to play.

This racquet is more suitable for intermediate and beginner players. The exact weight of the head gives you more power. Many of my familiar beginner players with great comfort and better performance who do not have the ability to buy a highly valuable racquet. So, you buy the head graphene 360 extreme mp tennis racquet for the great achievement.

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